New Basing Sand

After around 10 years, my bucket of sand I used for bases and terrain was nearly empty:

As you can see, there are also left overs from various projects mixed in, like the plastic sprues you can see - these fell off terrain pieces when I shook off the excess sand. The larger pieces are glued together lumps of sand that formed over time.

Back then, I took this sand from some childrens sandpit in the neighbourhood. When out shopping this week I came across some deco sand in the 1,- EUR shop, and I thought for 5,- EUR worth of risk I will not go rogue again ;-)

I choose two different grains. I like to paint bigger grains on bases in grey as rocks, to break up the monotonous brown not only with the green sand, but with a second colour. So I choose one tube of bigger pebbles, and four bottles of fine grade sand. To help with painting, I choose the colour brown - that way, if I miss a spot it will not be so obvious.

I managed to get three bottles of the fine sand and the larger pebbles in my bucket, with one bottle of fine sand left. If my sand consumption continues unchanged, enough for another decade and only 5,- EUR :-)