[Christmas Present]

Today I added detail to the model. First, the door handle was constructed from plastic rods in different diameters.

Below the handle is an electronic lock, which consists of only a piece of plastic rod, the detail will be painted only.

From packaging paper, I cut two strips and glued them to the wall as skirting board, which consists in our building on a piece of carpet designed for this purpose.

The front part of the floor was covered in masking tape, the floor and skirting board then in wood glue and very fine bird cage sand to represent the structure of the carpet.

From some slightly thicker advertising paper I constructed ring binders, using balsa wood as the paper stored in them.

The folders will be used as the foot rest for the Finance-Zwölfe, where the original model has her foot on some sort of earth mound/foliage. The final model will look like this: