[Christmas Present]

I started to work on the diorama. I got four decorative glas domes quite cheaply on amazon; the dome sits on a plate which has a slight rim. To have the Zwölfe fully visible and not hidden by the rim, I started by constructing a dais. In the DIY store I found this connecting piping thing, which's rim had the correct diameter.

I cut it free.

Here it is inside the dome.

From plastic card I cut a circle...

... which was glued on top the dais.

Unfortunately, this construction was too high, having the wing tips touching the dome which forced the miniature backwards...

So I had to do what I wanted to prevent from the start: I had to construct my own circular dais. To get it to resemble a cirlce at least somwhow, I cut another disc from plastic card, glued it onto 6mm Depron, and the carefully cut along the edge of the plastic.

From another piece of Depron I cut the corridor wall, which I fitted into the dome by trial and error. The door I cut from plastic card. The notch around the doorframe I pressed into the depron with a pencil. I cut out the wall to make room for the door.

The door was then glued into place.