[15mm IABSM]
North of Caen

When I placed my order for South of Cherbourg, I also had a look at the Peter Pig buildings, but decided to first look around, as there must be a lot of suppliers for those. After some googleing, I didn't find many I liked, so another order with Peter Pig was needed. Along with the buildings, I also gave their hedges, low walls and hay stacks a go.

To enliven my terrain I added some sheep, pigs and dead cows - well, the latter ones don't actually enliven the terrain... Also, some street signs, furniture, petrol station pieces and an urinal was added to the order.

The models I ordered before (US Army and Wehrmacht) are for the second scenario from the rulebook. So I thought, the Lardies certainly had their reason for putting scenario one first... and I would not need anymore Germans, all covered already by the second scenario. Just some British soldiers...

Again, only one week from ordering to delivery, great service!