[Christmas Present]

Recently at work, I was walking down the corridor towards my office. Some meters in front of me, a colleague left hers and walked in the same direction as me towards another colleague's office where she had some business to do. She looked over her shoulder at who was walking behing her and said hello. Two seconds later, she started to dance down the corridor, flinging her arms and singing "Ich bin eine Elfe, ich bin eine Elfe!" ('I am an elf, I am an elf!') which made us both laugh.

Some minutes later, when I was sitting at my desk (I face the door), she passed my office on her way back to her own, and again danced across my field of view, this time singing "Ich bin eine Zwölfe, ich bin eine Zwölfe!".

The translation of that is not so easy as the first. In German "eine Elfe" is a female elf and at the same time "elf" is the word for the number eleven. "Eine Zwölfe" is derived from the German word for twelve (zwölf) as Elf is from eleven: 11 -> Elfe, 12 -> Zwölfe.

So on her way back, the colleague had accumulated enough XP to advance her character one level ;-)

She then said something along the line of working long enough where we do (I am not sure if she meant the company as a whole or just the finance department) makes everyone a bit nuts.

Some days later, while browsing for miniatures, I came across an elf miniature and remembered that episode, I then thought this would make a nice christmans present for her, referencing back to that funny moment.

This is the miniature:

I cut off the spear, and drilled holes to allow me to insert a key ring for the "Kontenschlüssel" she will be carrying - it will be a Finance Zwölfe after all. Kontenschlüssel (literally: account key) is called 'account determination' in english as far as I know - so again, works only German. I used paper pins to help strengthen the joints.

Left-overs from the kit I will not be using.