[Birthday Present]

Finally, only two weeks late, I have the glass dome - not that DHL delivered it, I had to fetch it from the post office - not that DHL informed me it was there or even tried to deliver it to my home first...

Now the challenge now is to build all of the diorama in 1.5 days... Thank you DHL.

The first test positioning:

I cut a circle from plastic card on to which I will mount the diorama, to prevent to get colour or stuff onto the wood.

I settled for an open sided shed as the Kalweit's workshop, of which a small edge is represented by the diorama. I conctructed the beams and glued them into place.

The smithy itself is missing a chimney, and my beam construction only has two vertical supports - so the chimney will form the third for added stability. I cut three pieces from wood rod, and inserted pins.