[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Agyptian Gaming Mat

I covered the top in sections in PVA glue (I didn't dare to cover the whole surface out of fear of the PVA drying on me before I was done), and sprinkled fine bird cage sand on it.

With a previous mat, I applied the PVA glue (white) on the caulking (white), which made it quite difficult to see which area had been covered and which still needed covering - which of course resulted in some bare areas. I tried to go with the reflection of light, but it did not work out that well.

So this time, I mixed the base ground color into the PVA. This not only provided the first coat of color, but also made it easy for me to see which areas were already covered and which where not.

With the sand piled on as seen in the photo, I let it dry over night.