[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
An der Fähre Village Guard Rebasing

This is a short revisit of an already finished project. With the second unit of the Oldworlder Ally Contingent I started to use metal bases instead of the classic plastic ones. So the bases on the village guard have to be replaced.

Removing the plastic bases was no problem, only some boots need to be repainted as the Vallejo basecoat sticked so well to the sand, that pealing the sand off the base also ripped the paint off some of the boots in one go. But this will be quickly repaired.

The plastic bases were marked on the bottom as the models only align in certain positions. With a Dremel I cut the markings into the metal bases, then painted them. There is some kind of protective coat on the metal, so I wasn't sure if the cutting would make the metal susceptible to rust.