[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Nadir Steppe Riders

As the Nordmen are nearing their completion, I started to prepare the next batch of models. The Oldworlder Ally Contingent allows for 0-30 Border Horse, with a unit minimum of 10. They come equipped with Light armour and hand weapon, with the option for spears, shields and/or bows.

Tobias' Wargaming Legacy contains 15 rider models, which I choose to use for this unit. They consist of 11 Steve Barber Mongols (apparently not available any longer), and Harlequin Miniatures' (today called Black Tree Design babarian cavalry.

I will mount the miniatures on metal bases from Products for Wargamers.

I cleaned the riders of flash, and started on the horses (and the one camel). The cleaned animals were then glued to the base. One of the Harlequin models is missing its tail, which I will try to recast from one of the other horses.