[15mm IABSM]
South of Cherbourg

The Army force is done. I now have an infantry company of 3 platoons each of 3 rifle squats (1 SMG NCO, 1 BAR, 8 rifles), 1 platoon of 3 60mm mortars, various big men and of course the company command with 5 bazooka teams.

The company is supported by a battallion level machine gun platoon of 4 MMGs; and is accompanied by a Forward Observer Team.

  • Rifle Company Headquarters

  • Rifle Company Rifle Squad I

  • Rifle Company Rifle Squad II

  • Rifle Company Rifle Squad III

  • Rifle Company Weapons Platoon

  • Battallion Machine Gun Platoon

  • Forward Observer Team

Some spare models that do not fit into the rifle company organization, but will certainly be of use at one point in time.