[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Town House WD131

Third house is finished. The major difference to the other two houses is the curved roof. I made a template from cardboad to get the curve as equal as possible on both sides.

I used 4mm wide beams to make the main 'box' of the building, then used smaller 2mm for the framing in between. The corner beams (4mm x 4mm) had a 2mm x 2mm corner cut out to fit snuggly to the building.

The door was again carved into the foam.

The inner removable roof was build from foam and card, the ridge is the other half used on the first house.

To get an irregular not flat roof, I did not use card to glue the shingles to, but a piece of tissue paper drenched in watered down PVA.

For another shingle form I used triangle pointed ones on this house.

Out of a whim I decided to have an overhang on the roof that grows towards the ridge - not sure if I like that or not.