[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

With the last squad nearly done, and only the command models left for painting, I started to work on the last models of these alternative Space Marines. Don't ask my why, but when I prepared the other miniatures, I did not prepare the Terminators - time to change that.

The models are again from Alternative Armies, Desteria models:

I have two arm variants. One of the right arm shown below I will use as a heavy flamer. All the other weapons will be replaced, see below.

The hammer will again be given to the squad leader, as with the other models. All weapons, except one heavy flamer (see above), will be replaced by the miniguns shown below. All these weapons are from http://maxmini.eu/.

The models were delivered with the round lipped bases, which I will replace with the old style ones.

I also tried to fit the models to a 25mm base, as the Terminators in Rogue Trader were, but they are way to large.