Gaming Board

I started to paint the white lines - which sucks! First, I used my smallest brush with thinned down white, but kept overspilling paint outside the depressions. With even more thinned white it became easier, but the white did not cover properly.

Then I remembered when I put new tiles into our bathroom and added joint compound (I hope this is the right English term). You just poured it on, spread it out, then washed away the excess with a sponge and water (well, it was a bit more complicated, but this should suffice here).

So I tried to emulate this technique on my gaming board. I mixed white with water to a consistency of a bit thicker than milk and added a drop of washing liquid to break the surface tension of the mix. I generously applied it, then used paper tissue to wipe off the excess.

This worked quite well and quick.

I have a little mist of white here and there on the board, but this is hardly noticeable.