[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Town House WD131

I cut the doors from balsa wood, cut planks into them, then added fixtures cut from card.

The sectioning of the large front window was done with thinly cut strips of balsa.

I added a bit of spackle to some of the stones. On the one hand this covers where the foam pieces obviously meet, on the other hand this gives some more 3d effect to the wall.

I started to give structure to the walls using the same spackle, but this was hard to apply, so only the gables have it. For the rest of the walls I used PVA and sprinkled sand on.

I still want to carve a sign symbolizing the wares sold here, which will dangle from a chain on the outside, but I am not sure yet which it will be.

Apart from that sign, construction is done :-)