Private Military Contractors

I finished the bases with pebbles and sand, added new weapons where I cut the orignial ones away and filled all the holes and cracks that resulted from my head and weapon exchanges.

No changes to these two.

Here, two M4 where replaced with a G36C and a SA80

The two Hasslefree models got some texture on their backs representing the molle system. The strips need to be finer...

The left model with the radio is the model the boonie was cast from. I replaced this head with a base cap, to remove the Bundeswehr-look. The model on the right had the base cap replaced with a recast boonie.

Two more hat changes and the model on the left had rolled up sleeves added.

Only the top right model was converted, exchaning the base cap with a boonie and replacing another M4 with a SA80. The model does not fit perfectly, the eyes are to far forward, besides the option instead of behind.