[Christmas Present]

I started to paint the wings. The colour scheme I saw some time ago in a YouTube video on the BuyPainted.com channel, and since then always wanted to try it - for the elven wings I think it will work just fine.

All the following steps where done using the airbrush, first step was to basecoat the whole miniature with 73.601 Grey Surface Primer.

Next, airbrushing 72.024 Falcon Turquoise and 71.001 White (2:1) lay the colour foundation for the wings.

I added some shading with pure 72.024 Falcon Turquoise (of course thinned down to not clog the nozzle).

The top and joint of the wings with body where then sprayed with 72.027 Scurfy Green mixed with Secret Weapon Washes Heavy Body Black (2:1 ratio), feathering that colour towards the middle section.

Next pure white was feathered towards the center from the lower outer edge.

Finally, the very tips where airbrushed 72.015 Hexed Lichen and 71.001 White (~8:1), feathering that into the white.

After assembling the wings will get a blue oil wash, other than that they are done.