More Halberdiers

The rank and file models of the first unit are done. As their equippment comes from non-industrialized craftsmen, I wanted quite some variety in the unit, which I tried to achieve with a very sophisticated system:

  • The models are numbered in the bottom of the base to make sure they align well. I placed them in a random manner without looking at the bottom as shown.
  • I painted the quilted armour down the three columns in three different browns.
  • I painted the legs of each rown in one colour.
  • With the leg colour, I painted three models diagonally starting in the next row.

This way I tried to ensure the most random colour distribution.

For the clothes, I used the information in this post and choose the winter palette.

After adding the static grass, I placed the models in their designated places and enjoyed the random distribution of colours among the unit members :-)