[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Terrain

Over the last months I cast Hirst Arts molds on and off, then and now. Among them are also Agyptian molds which I intended to use for the games with my Agyptians. Here is the outcome of the Temple entrance mold #98.

I started with the sphinx statues by gluing pairs of blocks using Legos to align them.

The pairs where then glued into the complete sphinx statues, again using Legos for the correct alignment.

Two years ago, our lavatory was redecorated, which resulted in off-cuts from the floor tiles. Which I of course kept, you never know... (my wife was not immediately convinced back then as you might imagine). Now I remembered them, and thought they might be good basing material.

The bottom is plastic with a grid, which makes the bottom somewhat rough. I hope this will help prevent the terrain items sliding around on the table.

Here is my first test piece. I beveled the edges and kept about 1cm flat around the base of the statue.

I now applied PVA glue and grit, currently the sealing coat is drying. So far it looks good concerning the material's warping vulnerability. If it is still flat tomorrow, this will be my basing material for this project.