After chatting with the trainer of a course (I was sent to by my company recently) about our youth, we noticed we shared more or less the same hobby past; RPGs and miniature wargames.

What he also mentioned as one of his most played games is one I had forgotten about: RoboRally.

It was always on my mind since this talk, and of course I succumbed to my subconsciousness and brought the collection of my games one more step to completeness.

As a short side project on my painting table, this brings painting the 8 bots as a short break in painting insurgents. Perhaps it is only me, but these short and small side projects are usually anything but...

For a board game, the minis are quite sophisticated, as they come painted. A silver base coat with a black wash.

Unfortunately no one cared removing the flash lines in advance (certainly a cost factor), so for my taste this basic paint job is not enough.

I started with a base coat from Vallejo applied through my airbrush followed by two coats of colour, a complete coat with a darker colour and a coat sprayed from the top with a lighter one. Only the two metallic bots have only one coat.