[15mm IABSM]
South of Cherbourgh

Finally, the miniatures are all done, all washes and highglights applied. All the new miniatures I prepared for painting (see previous posts) got me motivated again to finish this rather long journey.

Here are some close ups (mobile quality close ups only...):

Here are the squads in formation. I do not know what I was thinking when planning the force, but I ended up with one squad more than I would need... The group of models above the ones in black bases (spare command models) are the additional machine gunners which allow me to equip each squad with two MG42, thus making them Grenadiers.

All the models I painted glued to wood strips (support weapons and the Big Men), have been cut from the wood strips and glued on their washers. Then I applied a mix of my base brown and floor screed, a kind of self-leveling plaster of paris. On top of that I sprinkled sand.

Unfortunately I ran out of the brown colour...

Next up is drybrushing the bases, painting some individual sand grains as rocks and adding static grass. But first I need a resupply of the brown.