Figure holder device

When airbrushing (especially base coating) my models, this is usually done in two steps.

  1. Take the miniature by the base and airbrush from the waist to the head. Let dry.
  2. Take the miniature by the head and airbrush from the waist down to the base.

So I need to touch every mini twice, and my hand usually is also black (or grey, or whatever) afterwards.

With my current 15mm WWII project, I have quite a lot of miniatures to base coat, so I thought of a better solution. Here is my clever contraption:

I bought a square wooden rod, some screws, and two metallic plates (whatever the technical term might be) as well as a couple of different sized magnets. I cut the rod to have 14cm either side of the 14cm wide plate, rounded the edges outside the width of the plate first with a rasp, then with two different grains of sanding paper, and screwed the plate in place.

Now I can place magnets on the plate fitting the size of washer a miniature is based on, grip the device on the sides and spray the miniatures without getting paint on my hands. I can also turn the miniature every which way to reach every undercut with the airbrush.