[Christmas Present]

I painted all the leather parts, the belt, the straps with the dangling gems, the hair band. I used:

  • 70.822 German C. Black Brown
  • 70.876 Brown Sand
  • 70.843 Cork Brown

This was not very distinct, so I added another more extreme hightlight:

  • 70.917 Beige

Next were all the gems. These are quite small and even with my smallest brush these proofed to be callenge. I basecoated in the darkest green, then highlighted towards the lower right corner in the lighter greens. Finally, a white dot was placed in the upper dark part to represent light reflection.

  • 72.029 Sick Ggreen
  • 72.032 Escorpena Green
  • 72.033 Sick Green
  • 70.951 White

The clothing on this miniature I do not fully understand. First, I thought she was wearing a gown and some sort of jacket over it. Now it looks more like she is wearing a corsage only.

The thing with the sleeves I still do not fully get. There are two quilings: one at the wrist, which seems to come from under the sleeve, and another one above the elbow - this one causes me problems. If there would only be the one at the wrist, I would see it as some kind of blouse worn under the gown. But what is the one above the elbow doing? It nearly looks like some kind of overdrawn sleeve, starting at the quiling above the elbow, ending above the wrist, where the sleeve from the gown can be seen again ... which does not make much sense in my mind.

So in the end I decided to paint the whole arm including both quilings as part of the gown - turquoise tinted white.

The only thing left to be painted then is the corsage. I choose Hexed Lichen as a basecoat, to make it really distinct from the gown colour. I then added several layers with squid pink mixed in for the highlights.

  • 72.015 Hexed Lichen
  • 72.013 Squid Pink

The sash at the right side was painted in the same colour.