[15mm IABSM]
North of Caen

All weapons except the support weapons are painted:

  • Weapon Metal
    • 70.863 Gunmetal Grey


      70.995 German Grey
  • Weapon Wood
    • 70.826 German Camo Medium Brown

British Infantry WWII

The support weapons (PIATs and mortars) as well as all the equipment like grenades, binoculars, radios etc. will be painted green. Searching for the right shade of green I camo across a multitude of descriptions, the colour also seems to has changed during the War. Adding to that the usual wear and tear, bleaching from the sun, field repairs with non-regulation paint etc., I figured any deepish-olivish-greenish shade will do.

I painted 4 testmodels, probably I will take on of the two shades of green on the right.

British Infantry WWII

British Infantry WWII