[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Nadir Steppe Riders

I started to paint the ponies. They will all be piebald or skewbald, so I started by painting all of them white - or rather in grey, as a shade colour. I painted the base colour in three different greys, and will paint the black/brown blobs in three colours as well, combining each grey with each black/brown to get the most variety into the unit.

I also came up with the background story of this unit:

Nadir - Pony Shoe Tribe

The Nadir are a nomadic people living on the steppes to the east of the Hegemony - also called the Dark Lands. They live in tribes, each tribe's wealth being measured in the number of cattle they posess and can keep alive; which means to find them water holes and grazing grounds.

As the good spots often are already occupied by other tribes, clashes between tribes are common. Also increasing one's own number of cattle orse women often happens by taking them from other tribes - which of course resist.

For a long time, the tribes suffered a lot from the other tribes as well as from those, that the Dark Lands got their name from - Goblins, Beastmen, Hobgoblins and all other kind of creatures.

Some years ago, the prophesized uniter seems to have emerged - ilKhan Ulric Gemmell. He managed to mitigate hostilities between tribes (by for example assigning time slots to the usage of the most sought after water holes) and managed to have the tribes act together to a certain degree; for example with combined raids of several tribes against dangerously large groups of Goblins. There is still a long way to one united people of Nadir, but the first steps on this difficult path have been taken.

Gemmell also got into contact with the neighbouring humans. Trade agreements have been concluded, as well as military alliances been forged against common enemies. One of the units of Nadir sent support against evil raiding creatures is Nogsta's company of light horse. Their tribe, the Pony Shoe Tribe, had good contacts outside the Nadir people anyway, as their grazing grounds were always near to their non-Nadir neighbours and trade relations were always good.

Anyone knowing where I "borrowed" most of this background from?

This unit represents the Border Horse allowance of the Oldworlder Ally Contingent. They can be armed with spears, shields and/or bows, all of which can be found amongst these models.