Board and Miniatures

The weekend before last, I was on Norman's Stag Night, where I talked to Marco who told me about this nice, funny and quick game simulating PC shooters as a boardgame while we talked about the hobby we share.

I really just wanted to take a look at it online - but some clicks later I had bought a copy.

And found to many additional rules - like the capture the flag mode. For this type of game, the miniatures provided with the game might not be enough though - so I would need some more. I was always fascinated by the troopers from EM-4 Minitatures, but they never fit any of my projects. Now there was my opportunity...

Boardgames are optivally boring - flat, just coloured paper... A 3D board is so much better. Enter Hirst Arts Molds. I own quite some of them by now, and played around with some of the 1" floor molds. When placing the walls in 3D as well, they need some kind of broader foot, otherwise they will fall over. So I would need larger tiles, the 1.5" ones, so that the wall foot as well as the base of a miniature fit into each square. So I ordered some of them, enough for the flat floor squares as well as a mold for the power up fields, transporters and respawn points.

Thank you Marco... just another project I have no time for... ;-)