[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Orks Marauders

The first 15 Orks are done. I painted them in groups of 5, taking 5 random models ignoring the final mob composition (marked on the underside of the base), to get total random composition colourwise of the mobs at the end.

Each group of 5 was painted with a different green skin tone (these three will be used across all the models).

As the dark shade will just make the metal darker, but will not add brown tones to simulate rust, I painted the first group's metal areas with Air Colour Rust first, then metal on top, leaving the rust show in the recesses - but this took to long, after all I want to quickly paint them. Starting with the second bunch, I painted all metal areas in flat silver, then added blotches of brown washes to simulate rust - this was much quicker.

With these models I left the basecoat brown on most parts of the models. With the next groups, I will add one more brown tone to each group, painting random clothes to get more variation on the Orks.

The miniatures are done as they are now, except the Quick Shade and the back plates. The back plates (and some checkers or triangular patterns here and there) I will paint after all models are brought to this stage; then by mob. The idea behind that is to have everything randomized, except the mob markings.

I hope I can keep the momentum I managed so far, then the Orks will be done until Christmas :-)