[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Nadir Steppe Riders

On their northern border, the Nadir are in contact with country inhabited by babarian clans. Clashes and raids are common. Sometimes, depleated babarian clans are defeated and absorbed into a Nadir tribe, continuing their lives as thralls to the Nadir.

This small group of babarian thralls is used as a flanking/scouting detachment by Nogsta of the Pony Shoe Tribe. It is lead by Thros Split Skull. Thros received a heavy head injury while his clan tried to fight off the Nadir. His forehead was split open by a heavy club, but miraculously he survived - only the wound would not heal, the broken up bones would not mend. He was left with a swollen head, a vulnerable forehead and a constant bad mood resulting from heavy head aches. To protect himself, he had a metal spike nailed into his sound skull parts, on the one hand covering the open wound, on the other giving him a nifty advantage in battles when dealing head butts. Still, from below the spike blood and brain liquids are oozing, further darkening his mood...

I ordered one more babarian rider from Black Tree (together with some more models for the next units of the Ally Contingent). This was the first time I had any trouble ordering from them (the order took 3 months, and I am still waiting for the last three models), but their customer service made up for it, compensating me with a unit worth of halberdiers.

The rider came with another type of shield than the original models, so I instant moulded one the old ones. The head and weapon I took from my bits box (GW plastics).