[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Town House WD131

The painting on the fourth house is done. For the stones I used 3 different colours (grey, grey green, light brown), but mixed them as well, for more variety.

They were then drybrushed in a light grey and all the seams blackwashed. The upper walls were painted in sand colours, the timbers a dark brown, the shingles bordeaux red; all this followed by several washes.

All the windows on the buildings so far were painted just black to keep in line with the style of the old White Dwarf buildings. This looked awful with the panneled shop window, so with that one I used blues to represent glass.

Finally, the shop sign had the word book written on it.

As with the first, second and third building, I will apply some flock to represent moss, apart from that the model is done.