[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

Today I put the last touches to the command models:

The lieutenants have personal heraldy on their right shoulder pads, and on the upper leg/shoes. Both models had two stripes sculpted on the left arm, which I also painted in yellow like the rank badges on the Sergeants. Both officers have a plume on their helmet which I painted in a darker blue than the other blue parts on all the models.

The Captain has quite some parts painted in gold to distinguish him even more than his helmet already does.

The apothecary has a white right shoulder pad and helmet, both showing the Helix badge in blue. Otherwise, the apothecary is painted like a common Marine.

The Librarian is mostly clad in a dark blue robe. The Lexicanum badge is painted on his forehead, he also has a gold decoration on the helmet.

Next steps are painting the rocks on all the bases.