Gaming Board

Okay, time to get some colours onto the board. The following were used:

First step was, to spray the metal colour.

The main areas of the board were then sprayed green grey.

The team areas, the score counter, the scoring areas and the turn counter were painted in red and blue, one colour for each team.

At this point I decided, that I wanted to break up the hexfield optic of the field. The scoring area was the first part where I applied this. From card I made a mask, and used it to show the scoring areas as a rectangular area.

The 'side add on' tiles were also given a straight edge in the field colour.

The board in its current stage.

When I looked at it, I decided that the playing area needs some lines to give it more structure and further 'de-hex' it.

As a preparation step I cut two more masks from card.

I hope to be able to use them tomorrow.