[Chain of Command]
Polish Infantry Platoon

Some months ago I watched a lot of Chain of Command videos on YouTube and read a lot about the rules - short story, I want to play that system.

A period of WWII I was always intersted in, was the beginning: Fall Weiß, the invasion of Poland in 1939.

So I married the two topics. For some months now, I have the Polish troops in my lead pile, today I started to prepare them for painting.

I ordered the infantry from Warlord Games, which sell 10 men packs - NCO, BAR gunner, 8 riflemen. The organization of the Polish Army Infantry Platoon, I took from a PDF on Lard Island, which has a Rifle Section of 18 men.

So from the total number of figures the packs from Warlord games provided me with:

I only needed the following models:

Leaving me with some spare ones (mainly BARs and NCOs).

The integral bases of the miniatures is quite thick, so I spent some time with a rasp, to flatten the bases down.