A gaming board in a weekend

The buildings were base coated in grey, then the lower half was sprayed white in preparation of the yellow coat that followed. After the yellow was dry, I placed a 1mm tape strip around the building, and then sprayed a dark brown coat over it. This was then covered by a 2mm tape strip, placed (theoretically) centrally on the 1mm strip. Then the building was sprayed in a sand colour, and received two drybrushs.

Then it was time to remove the tape strips... drumroll...

Well, the two buildings on the left turned out as intended, with the two buildings on the left I did not place the strips correctly... :-(

The board was drybrushed in the base colour, then in sand and finally in white.

The hills were painted in anthracite grey, then drybrushed in a brown grey and finally in white. The sand areas were painted the same way as the board.