[Song of Drums and Shakos]
Black Brunswickers

I primed the miniatures with Vallejo black primer applied through the airbrush.

Next, I painted the bases. The border and shadow color is Liquitex Burnt Sienna. The whole base was painted with that reddish brown.

Over that, the main base color, Liquitex Raw Sienna was painted, not drybrushed, so that really the major color now was the lighter brown.

Finally, a drybrush of Schminke Sahara was drybrushed over the base to pick out the raised areas.

The border of the base was then cleaned up with Burnt Sienna.

For the rocks, I used Schminke Stone Grey. As a shade I mixed it with black and a touch of yellow, and brown.

With these two colors I picked out all the larger stones on the bases.

Finally, the rocks where drybrushed with raw Stone Grey.