Free Trader Crew

I cleaned the flash from the models and based them on washers.

To get cargo into their ship, the crew uses a mini mule with trailer. The driver supplied with it wears NAC gear, which does not match the look for a free trader.

Time for some more instant mold. I choose a model (that it is the pilot was coincidence, and not related at all to the pilot of a well-known tv series...) and covered its head with the mold.

Here the cast with the head cut off.

From the original driver I cut off the head and removed the shoulder plates. I then glued the new head in place and with miliput added a hood, like on the model I cast the head from.

Here is the complete mule with driver and cargo. The driver will not be glued into place to allow me to use the vehicle manned and in action, as well as unmanned scenery.