[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Town House WD131

Second house is finished. This one is a nearly 100% copy of the house from the article. The angle of the roofs I cut is 60°, the plan in the article has 54°, so I first made a template from cardboard and cut down the side walls.

For this house, I carved the door directly into the foam.

Besides not having a stone ground floor, this bulding was done like the first - balsa wood framing, bird cage sand for the texturing. The shingles on this one are rectangular and cut from thicker card.

One problem I encountered, which I don't know how to solve yet, is that the glue on the roof warped it - the roof fit the walls perfectly before gluing the shingles to it... I will probably hide it with moss or a row of smaller shingles glued in one row parallel to the wall...