[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Nordman Mercenary Journeymen

After painting the bases, I started with the trousers. First, they were painted white in three consecutive lighter shades:

  • 70.989 Sky Grey
  • 70.907 Pale Greyblue
  • 70.993 White Grey

Then, I added stripes in different coulours. I tried to paint them quite thin, so the shaded white would shine through and give a first shading/highlighting to the stripes.

  • 70.956 Light Orange
  • 72.025 Foul Green
  • 70.925 Intense Blue
  • 70.811 Blue Violet
  • 70.953 Flat Yellow

A thin wash of SWW001 Soft Body Black was applied as extra shade over the whole trousers. The stripes were then highlighted in the base colour with some white mixed in.

The yellow looked a bit weird, so I washed the yellow stripes with very thin 73.200 Sepia Shade, then highlighted with 70.915 Deep Yellow.

The skin was basecoated, then highlighted in several steps, always mixing the new colour into the last one.

  • 70.872 Chocolate Brown
  • 70.804 Beige Red
  • 72.703 Pale Flesh