More Vehicles

This Friday I visited Michael, a friend owning a 3d printer. After all, my vehicles are still without wheels. I brought along the wheels I designed in SketchUp, Michael converted the .stl to the format needed by the printer, and off it went.

The result was this:

Yeah... well - not as it should look like. As it turned out, SketchUp is missing the feature of boolean operations (at least in the free version), which lead to the wheel rim not being recognized correctly and thus not printed.

Michael then introduced me to OpenSCAD which does include boolean operations, and quickly tried to reproduce my design. The result looked much better :-) The small wheel was also reproduced using OpenSCAD, and I went home with two feels to fit to my vehicles.

The big wheel looks good, but was designed with a 24mm diameter while I need only 21mm. So I have to redesign it.

The small wheel fit perfectly as designed.

Yesterday, I spent the day getting used to OpenSCAD, much to the dismay of my wife - you know, one could have done so much relevant stuff... ;-)

Here the results, which are a bit more detailed like what Michael quickly did in 5 minutes, like the rounded interior side of the profile:

Now I need to ask Michael for 8 prints :-)