[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Nadir Steppe Riders

The horses (and the camel) were given a quick basecoat out of a spray can, as I didn't find the time to get out the airbrush. After the bases were done, I started by painting the camel.



I started by painting the main fur 72.061 Khaki, the dark fur and the hooves 72.744 Dark Fleshtone and the light fur with a mix of 72.061 Khaki & 72.046 Ghost Grey. Fur the muzzle I mixed black into the mix.




The Khaki was given a wash of 72.092 Brown, the dark fleshtone a wash of 73.201 Black. Both areas where then highlighted in the base colours.




The khaki was then highlighted further with a mix of 72.061 Khaki & 72.097 Pale Yellow; the dark fur was lightly drybrushed with 72.744 Dark Fleshtone & 72.061 Khaki.




To tone the yellow done a bit, I applied a light glaze of 73.203 Umber Wash.




The light grey parts where highlighted with 72.046 Ghost Grey.




Finally, the grey parts were washed with 73.203 Pale Grey Wash.




The red cloth was painted as follows:

  • 72.772 Red Terracotta
  • 73.203 Umber Wash


    73.201 Black Wash

  • 72.772 Red Terracotta
  • 72.712 Scarlett Red