Figure holder

With all the metal bases I use recently, I thought of an easy way to hold my models while painting, when I saw on several places on the nets fellow painters drilling pins into the feet of their models and sticking them on cork cones. This way neither the model nor the base is touched during the whole painting process.

With the metal bases, I do not need pins, but jsut something magnetic. So I build the following devices. I ordered wooden discs and rods from Spielematerial.de, 1cm magnets from MagnetShop.net and screws from the local DIY.

First I drilled a small hole through the center of the disc to guide the screw. The center I found by drawing to random lines across the disc, then a vertical from their exact center. The intersection showed the center of the disc. On side I drilled a hole some mm deep to the screw head into.

On the rods the diameter was too small to use the same method to get the center, so I build a small helper tool - which was not that precise as it turned out later :-(

Here are the rods screwed to the discs:

The final step was to drill a 10mm hole...

... and glue the magnets into place.