[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Agyptian Temple

The parts are mostly done. I need to do two more castings to finish them.

I again use a 5mm MDF board for a base and bevelled the edges.

The edges were then strengthened and sealed with filler.

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Agyptian Temple

I also have all the parts cast for a Temple and started constructing it.

I started by assembling the roof.

Next I assembled the walls.

Then came the columns.

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Agyptian Pyramid

The next level

had to come to the same level as the inner walls - worked out well :-)

I glued some tiles to the floor, the rest was sprinkled with sand.

At some places I piled the sand, to represent small piles thrown up by the wind. The sand was loosly piled, then drenched in thinned PVA with some dish liquid added to break up the surface tension.

The next level I glued as two Ls, one of which was glued to the upper part, the other will be glued to the lower part.

So far it is still loose, as with it glued in place I would not be able to fit two of the inner walls into place.

All put together.

Next up comes painting.

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Bretonnian Chevaliers Errants

The models are done!

I added pennants to the lances. The first try was to use my usual flag procedure, by doubling the flag, wrapping it around the pole and gluing the two halves together - but this time this failed miserably. With the tips, my cutting was not precise enough, and they did not fit at all.

With the second try, I painted both sides of the paper, and just left long strips at the end, which I then wrapped around the poles.

After a coat of gloss varnish, I added some black oil wash mainly to the pennants and the flag, and deepened some shadows here and there elsewhere. After adding static grass, a final coat of matt varnish sealed it all in.

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Agyptian Pyramid

I finished the construction of the 4 inner walls. They will only be glued together/into place once painted.

Here are the cast blocks for the pyramid's outer walls.

I started by gluing the different wall segments seperately.

As a base, I use a 5mm MDF piece. I marked the outline of the pyramid,

then bevelled the edges.

Here, the 5 segments of the first level are glued into place.

Second layer added.

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Agyptian Pyramid

Over the last months I cast a lot of Hirst Arts stuff, now I start having enough parts together to get building.

One of the projects I cast blocks for is an Agyptian Pyramid, using Sand Blasted Pyramid Mold #92 and Egyptian Pyramid Accessory Mold #96.

I started with the construction of the inner chamber.

[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Bretonnian Chevaliers Errants

The last model, a hero, is done. I wanted him to stand out from the rest of the unit, which I think I archived, he is in more pastelly types of colours, and painted in not the strong ones used for most of his companions.

Now I only need to finish the bases of the unit.

Board and Miniatures

I didn't post in quite a while about this project, but wasn't idle either. I did cast quite a lot of Hirst Arts stuff over time, sometimes doing 3 castings a day, sometimes doing none for 2 months.

Slowly, I am getting the parts I need.

The game has the option to place barrels on the board, which you can shoot and then blow up. I use the barrel from mold Cargo Bay Accessory Mold #302, which looks a bit forlorn on a 1.5" square tile - so I decided to place three on one tile.

[Warfork 40.000 - Rogue Rules]
Imperial Flush Space Marines

Another project pending for way too long, when de-flashing and assembling the Battletech miniatures, I had the tools out to also finally continue on these models.

I made a mold from instant mold from an old terminator model (like two years ago already...), as I needed a gloved hand on a trigger for the rotary storm bolter replacements.

The casting is a bit crude, I filled both halves and then pressed them together.

I had two possibilities in mind of how to use the arms, and decided for the right one; the left one looked too unbalanced.

The sergeant got one of the hammers again.

Terminator with rotary storm bolter and terminator with flamer.

Terminator with rotary storm bolter and sergeant with rotary storm bolter and power hammer.


More stuff to paint arrived, the Mantic terrain Kickstarter. Very useful stuff for all kind of settings.