[Spirit Island]

For Christman I got Spirit Island - well, at least theoretically. As of today, the parcel is still on its way to us. I played the game with a friend in Decembre and it immediately went to my Christmas Wishlist.

While I really like the game, the components are mostly not really to my liking, especially because they are so different. The invader buildings for example are plastic, the Dahan's (the indigenous people) huts are from wood, etc.

Also, the quality and detail of the plastic models is okayisch, but when you are a wargamer and miniature collector they are not so great. Here you can see Norman's game who infected me in full swing.

So I went looking for 'real' substitute figures, and decided for Tin Soldier UK's CON6 - ARQUEBUSIER Conquistadores. I first thought of the ones with the pikes, as they would be quite similar to the plastic minis from the game, but they are very tall which would make storage much more difficult.

There are three different types of models, I decided to use the two with the typical rimmed helmets, this with the pointed helmets go to the lead pile.