Lumber Rodents

The test model is done. I used the following paints:

  • SWW008 Baby Poop for the skin, two coats

  • SWW019 Ruby for the hair, this will be alternated per model

  • SWW029 Fallout for the armour, three coats

  • SWW020 Orange, shoulder guards etc

  • SWW009 Sewer Water, leather glove

  • SWW017 Purple, tail

  • White, re-highlight top of tail segments

  • SWW026 Cotton Candy, tail

  • SWW006 Parchment, bandages, mask

  • Vallejo 73.203 Umber Shade, bandages, mask

  • SWW025 Just Red, eyes

  • SWW003 Armour Wash, metal

  • Vallejo 71.063 Silver, highlight metal areas

  • White, teeth and claws

  • SWW017 watered down, teeth and claws

  • Vallejo 72.094 Black, blacklining where some more definition is needed

The result is totally different to any miniature I painted so far, using only inks; but I like the effect. The other rodents will be painted like this model.