Corporate Marines

The decision concerning the armament of the Raven has been taken - I just used all the available weaponry :-)

For the lander, I built a very clever and sophisticated contraption to get all the sides equal. I then cut from tooth picks the extensions, inserted into small holes I drilled.

Concerning the cabin, I started to design my own in OpenSCAD, I am not very far until now:

I am toying with the idea of doing side doors instead of rear doors, but let's see how this turns out.

What also irritates me with the landers is the chin gun, which has one relatively big barrel. With the gunship, I see it as a grenade launcher or small howitzer. That VTOL has reapid firing weapons mounted on the side sponsons. But for the landers, having only the chin guns, I wanted some kind of gatling, chain gun, whatever. So I also designed one. Let's see how this will print, especially with the ring near the front I am not sure as it is not supported from underneath, so probably the printer will have a problem with that.