[Christmas Present]

I basecoated the whole model in 74.602 Black Primer.

The wall was then airbrushed in

  • 73.601 Grey Primer
  • 71.001 White where I tried to leave some areas darker to create some pre-shading, like the edges of the door where it meets the wall.

Next I painted the woodgrain of the door with... well... 70.828 Woodgrain - what else?

The wood colour I painted with the aptly named 70.834 Natural Wood. This is a very translucent colour, as you can see on the first two pictures. I applied 3 coats in total. These coats also made the woodgrain blend more into the wood colour.

The missing item is the Kontenschlüssel (literally: account key, 'account determination'). This I constructed from plastic rod and some thin clear plastic packaging. Working with clear plastic proved a bit difficult at times, with me searching for the cut pieces all the time... The teeth of the key are done in the form of a T - like in t-account where you post debit and credit. The key is carried on a key ring, which I bent and cut from a glitter ball hook.

Finally for today, I painted the folders.

  • 70.947 Red
  • 70.962 Flat Blue
  • 71.002 Yellow The hole in the back and the front lower edges are metal rimmed, painted in 71.064 Steel.