[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Dwarf Reinforcements

The flash is quite easy to remove, the only problematic part ist the back where a round disk is found (I guess this is from the casting process). I cut it away then scored the flat surface to immitate the chainmail... quite rude but I hope it won't be noticed when the minis are painted.

As was usual in a certain period of Games Workshop (3rd to 4th edition), I got some metal miniatures (from Ral Partha Europe) to use as the commmand group with the single posed plastic miniatures.

I covered the slits in the bases with a paper strip before gluing the models to the bases.

From brass rod and some GW Dwarf bits I still had in my bits box I built two banner poles for the crossbow units.

As banner bearers I used the plastic spearmen.

The bases are covered in sand, these two units are ready to be base coated.