[Warfork Fantasy Battles]
Bretonnian Chevaliers Errants

The next knight is done. The paint scheme was again inspired by (aka shamelessly stolen from) this blog.

Compared with the historical knights, I was at first happy that with the fantasy ones the barding was much more dynamic, flowing around the horse. This would certainly be nice for uniform barding. Not so for regularly painted patterns... the diamonds you see in the photos are the 3rd try, and still, if I follow various lines and creases on the barding, they don't turn out right - but at least now, when looking at the model from a distance, they don't look totally off.

I was also not able to match them in any convincing way at the top, that is why the red stripe runs along the top. I am convinced that the sculptor did something wrong; either that or my brain cannot fold (pun intended) around the crinkles...