Battle Boards

Only took me nearly 3 years, but finally I finished the Saga Boards.

Due to the added felt pads,

my original box was not able to also house the measuring sticks and dice bags

so I had to cut a new, higher box.

This will also fit the rules, so all the playing materials needed will be in this one box.

Now I only need to get started on the minis and some appropriate terrain... please check back in 10 years or so... :-/

Battle Boards

I resisted long, but finally the Saga bug bit me. It also did not help to having watched the TV series Vikings recently...

First thing I did was scan the battle boards (should ever harm come to them), then thought of a way to protect the card boards. I am sure they would after only a few games be torn, flexed, warped... I decided to glue them to 3mm MDF, then apply a self-adhesive clear sheet on top. This should stop all damage (including liquids) to them, and they could even be used as a makeshift miniature tray between games.

For the optics, I painted the white cardboard sides with a black felt pen, the boards' sides with black acrylic paint.

When applying the clear sheet, I removed the backing except one stripe on one small side. This straight cut I used to align the sheet on the edge of the board, before gently rolling it onto the rest of the board from this point. With nearly all boards, this procedure created no air bubbles.

The rest of the sheet was wrapped around and attached to the underside of the board, thus also sealing the edges. To the bottom I then glued self-adhesive felt pads.

First couple of boards done.