[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Bowmen

The bowmen are done.

Colour list:

  • Skin
    • Foundry 124a North African Flesh Shade
    • SWW010 Dark Sepia (as 'black line' towards other areas)
    • Foundry 124b North African Flesh
    • Foundry 124c North African Flesh Light
  • White Cloth

    • 70.989 Sky Grey
    • SWW001 Soft Body Black
    • 70.989 Sky Grey
    • 1/2 70.820 Off White


      1/2 Water

    • 70.820 Off White
  • Wood
    • AK788 Medium Brown
    • AK781 Wood Grain
    • AK780 Dark Wood Grain
  • Bronze
    • 72.057 Bright Bronze
    • SWW010 Dark Sepia
    • 70.878 Old Gold
  • Leather
    • 70.822 German Camo Black Brown
    • SWW001 Soft Body Black
    • 70.871 Leather Brown
    • 70.875 Beige Brown
  • Hair
    • 70.950 Black
    • 70.995 German Grey

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Bowmen

For the skin tone I took the easy approach, and used the Foundry North African Flesh paint set:

  • 124a Shade (left)
  • 124b (middle)
  • 124c Light (right)

[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Bowmen

I do not have enough open projects yet, so following our first games of Song of Blades and Heroes (game 1, game 2), we decided to play more games with this fun rulesystem.

As background, we decided for mythical ancients, so historical armies with living mummies, harpies, minotaurs, etc.

I choose Agyptians. The first models I started to work on are 8 bowmen. These are about 6-7 too many than I will need with the small scale warbands in SoFH, but Foundry only sells them in packs of 8.

After priming the models, I started with a brown basecoat on the bows. I then painted stripes in two different darker browns to break up the even surface and hint at wood grain.