Corporate Marines

Next project are some reinforcements, to bring the Corporate Marine Platoon of the Humming-Top Corporation up to full strength. At the moment, they are under staffed. The second squadron is short some men, the platoon leader does not have a vehicle of his own, and some air support is still missing.

The missing Marines will be done from the following Khurasan pack, giving me a platoon medic, and enough models to fill the gap in 2nd squadron: The second medic who will have its case painted like an ammo case and the wounded model. The two SAW gunners are spares.

The Lieutnant and Boatswain will be joined by the medic and are short of a transport. This will be the Khurasan Armoured Light Utility Vehicle. The two turret options (minigun and missiles) got a magnet inserted, so are changeable from game to game according to mission requirements.

On to the air support. This comes in form of a gunship and three transports. The gunship is the Raven Gunship from Old Crow Models. It is build completely, I only need to fill gaps with green stuff and decide on which weapons to glue on in which configuration. I have available two gun pods, four rocket pods and two missiles.

The transportation duties will be conducted by the Crow Landers. The following picture shows one without the passenger cabin, more on that later. The models have three skids on which the model rests, one under the chin and one at the end of the wing extensions. I am not sure if I did something wrong (can not think of what that would have been), but the wing extensions do not extend enough downwards so that the models tilts backwards, see following picture,

It should sit like this in my opinion:

Also with the passenger cabin put in, the skids on the sides do not touch the ground.

I am not exactly sure what to do, but probably I will cut of the skids on the wings and insert some rods or whatever to get them further down.

This is one of the passenger cabins (without the rear door) - which I do not really like. They are completely enclosed, with no windows...

...and putting minis beside them they look a bit small.

I will either build my own, or extend them sideways with a new front, thus enlarging them and allowing me to add some windows.