[Song of Fork and Heroes]
Mythical Agyptian Bowmen

I do not have enough open projects yet, so following our first games of Song of Blades and Heroes (game 1, game 2), we decided to play more games with this fun rulesystem.

As background, we decided for mythical ancients, so historical armies with living mummies, harpies, minotaurs, etc.

I choose Agyptians. The first models I started to work on are 8 bowmen. These are about 6-7 too many than I will need with the small scale warbands in SoFH, but Foundry only sells them in packs of 8.

After priming the models, I started with a brown basecoat on the bows. I then painted stripes in two different darker browns to break up the even surface and hint at wood grain.